A Designer’s Perspective on the Dream Residences at Marina Pointe

As our owners excitedly prepare to move into their new luxury residence, many are also thinking about how they will decorate and style their waterfront oasis.

Our friends at Scarboro Designs have worked on a variety of projects in the Tampa Bay area and are helping a handful of our Marina Pointe owners curate their perfect sanctuary. The talented team of nine comes with a wide range of expertise and a keen eye for design.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the Scarboro team and we’re eager to share their tips and insider knowledge from company president, Jeanette Scarboro, and Senior Designer Melanie Carter.

A Passion for Interior Fashion   

Melanie began her decorative career with faux painting and refinishing furniture. In real estate, she was staging homes before it was a trend and eventually went out on her own working as a kitchen and bath designer for a construction company.

Jeanette started out in the corporate world where she found her sweet spot in project management. At a design firm, she gained ample experience and in 2007, launched her first company, Scarboro Designs.

Designing for Marina Pointe 

Because of her construction experience, Melanie was brought on to Marina Pointe to lend her master eye toward cabinetry and closet design. Understanding the architecture and materials used at Marina Point and being a part of the Scarboro team made it an easy transition to help residents achieve their ideal look.

“At Marina Pointe, they have great selections and a strong palette to start from, so we can come in and do all of the soft finishes,” says Melanie Carter. She met with a multitude of owners and helped them with everything from furniture, art, lighting, accessories, color, and material selections.

Styling a Luxury Lifestyle 

“Marina Pointe is in a great location because it’s on its own peninsula on the water and it’s close to everything exciting in Tampa while also having its own lifestyle at Marina Landings,” says Melanie.

When it comes to choosing your style, the Scarboro team says the sky is the limit. They agree that the beauty of Marina Pointe is the location, and they have a few favorite stylized looks that speak to the Tampa area.

“Our most popular design for Marina Pointe, the Coastal Couture, has a little Chanel to it,” says Jeanette Scarboro. The coastal clean encompasses a contemporary waterfront feel with crisp whites and airy, islandly designs. The modern boho is used to open new color palettes and bring in an earthy, natural ambiance.

Many residents bring artwork and pieces to inspire their design theme, while some want to start fresh. Without too many items dictating the design, it gives the team more freedom to choose cohesive elements.

 What Our Owners are Loving 

At Marina Pointe, everyone wants one element that sets them apart, and a big trend Scarboro Designs is seeing is the feature wall. Wallpaper is making a comeback, and wall treatments are a great way to take a bare wall and turn it into a focal point, whether you’re using art, furniture, or lighting for ambiance. “For one Marina Pointe client, we are working on a 20-foot-high feature wall with an electric fireplace,” says Jeanette.

Along with fun feature walls, they’ll take the nooks and crannies that people don’t know what to do with and make them stand out. “We’re adding coffee bars and wine bars, and creating storage solutions, to turn every space into something useful and unique,” says Melanie.

Marina Pointe’s Best Features

“The Earhart is one of my favorites because it’s like living in a penthouse without actually buying a penthouse,” says Melanie. Her favorite features of the Earhart residences are the “dreamy” closets that just keep going and the impressive showers with floor-to-ceiling glass granting a full view of the bay.

Jeanette and Melanie both agree that the Marina Pointe kitchens are spectacular with modern features including Wolfe appliances with integrated panels, functional open shelving, and full backsplashes that blend into the countertop complete with a waterfall edge. Their third favorite feature are the great rooms that extend out to the balconies. “I think that is such a great, cohesive gathering area,” says Jeanette. And of course, they can’t forget about our magnificent verandas. There are so many different outdoor living spaces at Marina Pointe that complement the luxury waterfront lifestyle.

Tips for Residents 

  1. Start Sooner Rather than Later – Because of the supply shortage, it’s important to start thinking about home design now, even before you’ve moved in. Whether you’re out of state or in the Tampa Bay area, you can get to know the design team in-person or virtually and begin talking through concepts. With a multitude of manufacturers and vendors at the ready, Scarboro Designs is doing everything they can to combat supply shortage issues and simplify your selection process.
  2. Outdoor Spaces Shouldn’t be Forgotten – The outdoor spaces are often forgotten by the time people have finished decorating their indoor spaces. Melanie explains, “there are balconies everywhere at Marina Pointe and a lot of items have been back-ordered, so we want to encourage people to start thinking of outdoor furnishing now and include this in their budget. When you have such a gorgeous view, why would you sit inside?”
  3. When You Want White, Bright, and Crisp, You Need Quality – Scarboro Designs carries a variety of top-notch manufacturers that create quality pieces with the latest technology. The possibilities are endless for customization and with smart technology in fabric and carpeting, you won’t have to worry about red wine stains or dirty dog paws. “There’s a lot of white in this coastal feel, but people are fearful of white. If you have a good quality product it’s easier to say this was made for living,” says Melanie.

Our new luxury residences at Marina Pointe are waiting for your personal touch. From blueprints to bedding, the Scarboro team ensures your home design process will be fun, affordable, and complete. Visit their website at ScarboroDesigns.com to learn more about their services and book a designer consultation. To shop their one-of-a-kind home products and collections, visit TheHiveExperience.com or you can check out their “Pop-Up” starting Thursday, March 31st at 208 N Armenia Ave., Tampa, FL. To reach out to the team directly, send an email to contact@scarborodesigns.com and check out their work firsthand on Instagram and Facebook @scarborodesigns.