Guide to Luxury Boat Maintenance

Marina Pointe’s setting in the heart of the Westshore Marina District makes the area an ideal luxury boating destination, placing contemporary condos alongside a state-of-the-art deepwater marina.

When owners purchase one of the marina’s 150 slips, they enjoy unobstructed access to the sparkling waters of Tampa Bay as well as a full complement of on-site concierge boat services and boat maintenance.

Marina Concierge Services

Marina concierge services are designed to anticipate residents’ needs and enhance their on-the-water lifestyle. A marina concierge ensures every boat or yacht is carefully serviced, detailed and prepared for launch by the time the owner is ready to set sail. They can also provision each vessel with food, drinks and fuel.

Overview of traditional marina concierge services:

  • Fuel
  • Detailing
  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Food and Beverage

All yacht concierge services will be provided by an exclusive and expert retailer, who will soon be announced.

Boat Maintenance

As part of the concierge experience, Marina Pointe residents’ boats and yachts will receive standard maintenance and launch prep. Vessels 40 feet or larger tend to sit in water full-time and require regular care and upkeep, particularly in corrosive saltwater environments.

Basic boat maintenance includes the following:

General Washing and Cleaning

All visible elements on the exterior of the yachts should generally be washed and cleaned every 2-4 weeks. A thorough exterior cleaning ranges from removing canvas covers and wiping down upholstery to polishing metal fixtures and scrubbing woodwork. Interior cleanings involve dusting, cleaning countertops, toilets, sinks and more.

Underwater Cleaning

Manufacturers recommend having the bottom of a boat or yacht cleaned once a month, but owners may want to have this done more frequently in warm water areas like Tampa Bay. Standard underwater sessions involve a diver cleaning the hull from the water line and below, ensuring that all barnacles, algae and marine life are completely removed, and confirming that the running gear below the water is also free of barnacle growth. Maintaining a clean hull will maximize a vessel’s life span and improve its performance and efficiency.

System Check

Much like a fine automobile, a boat or yacht’s internal systems – air conditioning, pumps, exhaust, batteries, fuels and lubrication, and so on – should be reviewed regularly. Air conditioning maintenance is particularly important in Florida’s humid climate, and it’s likely that A/C lines will need to be flushed at least every six months.

Some owners may be comfortable doing some or all of the system check themselves. Others may prefer to have a professional complete a comprehensive check, provide a service report summary and recommend next steps.

Launch Your Waterfront Lifestyle at Marina Pointe

Marina Pointe’s luxury waterfront condominiums from the mid-$700,000s are now available in the heart of the Westshore Marina District, where residents can walk to shops, dine on the water and enjoy a state-of-the-art marina and boat slips on their doorstep. Contact (813) 344-4753 or schedule a private appointment at the sales gallery at 4900 Bridge St, Tampa, FL 33611 for more information.