Marina Pointe’s Introduction to Buying a Yacht

Buying a yacht may seem like an intimidating task, especially for first-time purchasers. Price, speed, style and use are all significant considerations that have to be taken into account before you even set foot in a boatyard or a broker’s office… fortunately, we’ve created a simple guide with highlights to keep in mind as you consider buying a yacht.

Marina Pointe represents the ultimate waterfront residential opportunity for luxury yacht owners, offering an impressive selection of contemporary condominiums overlooking the largest and only new deepwater marina currently under construction on Florida’s West Coast. The 150-slip marina is available exclusively to residents and can accommodate vessels from 40 feet to 90 feet in length, providing unobstructed access to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Browse to read our basic guide for avid boaters (or hobbyists) looking to purchase their first luxury yacht and experience Tampa’s premier yachting lifestyle at Marina Pointe.

Defining a Yacht

A yacht can be generally defined as any luxury recreational watercraft over 35 feet – yachts typically feature a comfortable interior with at least one cabin, bathroom, a galley (kitchen) and a saloon (seating area). Outside of the United States, these vessels are further qualified as either sailing or motor yachts depending on the method of propulsion.

When it comes to differentiating yachts vs boats, one usually considers that a yacht is larger and more luxurious than a boat and includes more amenities. “Boat” is a much broader, colloquial term that can be used to describe anything from a police boat to a personal fishing craft.

Style and Size in Yacht Buying

Before your search for a yacht begins, it’s important to define what kind of vessel you’re looking for and how you anticipate using it. Yacht sizes range from sleek 35-40 feet to a sprawling 200 feet or more, which is a broad size spectrum that can be further broken down into regular yachts and superyachts (any yacht over 100 feet).

Speed and style are also key considerations – are you seeking leisurely Sunday cruises around Tampa Bay with family and friends or do you need something with a little more stamina and horsepower for long-distance solo voyages?

And are you interested in a luxury yacht brand with a classic nautical appearance, like Hinckley or Hunt, or are you seeking a vessel with the smooth ultramodern lines of a Princess or Viking?

Enlist a Yacht Broker

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to buying a yacht and much like working with a real estate broker to purchase a home, getting help from a professional, respected yacht broker can really streamline the yacht buying process.

A broker will evaluate your requirements, including price and size, and can even help determine your yachting style. They’ll compare different yacht makes and models – new or pre-owned – and review the advantages of each, set up yacht showings, and arrange sea trials.

Marina Pointe residents who are interested in buying a new or pre-owned yacht will have easy access to local yacht brokers, thanks to Marina Pointe’s convenient location just moments away from the downtowns of both Tampa and St. Pete. These broker showrooms typically showcase an impressive selection of the best yachts to buy, including Viking, Princess, Prestige, Cruisers and Maritimo Yachts.

Cruise into Tampa’s Premier Yachting Address

Experience a luxury yachting lifestyle unlike any other in Marina Pointe’s new luxury condominiums, ideally situated on the shores of Tampa Bay overlooking an all-new marina with slips available exclusively for owners. Call (813) 344-4752 or visit our sales gallery for the best pricing and selection.